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Inbar ceramics

Propagation Cone

Propagation Cone

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Use my propagation cone to start growing your own seeds and seasonal plants!

You may use it for your Avocado pit, Mango seed, Onion, or any other vegetable, fruit, or bulb which grows in water.  You may also propagate any plant that grows in water like Devil’s Ivy, the Wandering Jew, English Ivy, and Herbs.

Just place my cone on a glass or a jar of your choice, fill it with water and it will start growing!

My propagation cone is the perfect addition to your home or kitchen. 

You will receive one propagation cone and our hand-drawn card explaining how to start growing your Avocado tree.

  • Handmade Stoneware clay
  • Both sides glazed shiny Blue
  • Approximate dimensions: width 3.5’’-3.9" (9-10 cm) height 1.5"-2.0'' (4-5 cm) hole 0.7"-1.1" (2-3cm)
  • Due to the handcrafted nature of the product, some deviations in shape or color may occur
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